Human existence is rare and precious. Based on Hindu scriptures of ancient India, our soul takes different births in various forms at different amounts of time. As Bagavad geetha puts it “much like we modify torn dresses, and wears new dresses, our soul changes into new physiques relinquishing original copies”. As well as in this countless births, an individual birth happens every now and then. Which means this existence will be resided meaningfully and enjoyed. Let’s begin with different ideas to get this to existence a blessing.

1. Understand that you’re unique

As pointed out earlier our existence is extremely precious. Also each individual is exclusive and also have some talents which might not be possessed by many people others. Understanding that you’re unique and you’ve got something special to complete nowadays plays much for making your existence happy and enjoyable. Identifying our talents and making optimum use of these is really a fundamental factor for making a champion. See as an example the famous story of Helen Keller.

Deaf and blind at age two, she gradually built a vocabulary of her very own. Also she authored many books making her unique existence significant and enjoyable. This is actually the typical attitude you have to have for existence. We might be getting many difficulties, nevertheless its more essential the way we consider them and discover methods to express our resourcefulness.

2. Stress about others

One thing have a tendency to make us unhappy may be the worry about us and our near and dear. We frequently think only of the and will get unhappy at the idea of discomfort or loss occurring to all of us. After I would be a child I’d a little injuries in a single of my fingers from the leg. I had been crying loud. I had been come to a medical facility, where I saw lots of people whose legs were damaged and getting major injuries. All of a sudden I grew to become conscious of the foolishness in crying about my small finger.

Things are identical with many people. They don’t want to suffer a little discomfort, but aren’t bothered about catastrophies happening elsewhere. The greater you love others your existence could be more enjoyable.

3. Be active

Idle thoughts are demons workshop. Gloomy and destructive ideas go into the mind of lazy people. If you’re too busy together with your work or family or even the society, then you’ll benefit from the act as well us existence. I’m not speaking here about costing you amount of time in clubs or bars. May be may help you stay engaged and can cause mental agony, sickness and personal bankruptcy in the end.

4. Begin To See The Nature

Nature may be the mother of along with a great teacher too. Searching in the nature experiencing the little occasions there’ll improve your existence a great deal. If you’re living near a ocean river, mountain or forest, make sure to spend time searching in the emanating special gems and patterns of father time. Benefit from the creatures surrounding you by observing their existence. Even if you’re within the thick concrete forest of the city the mind will end up calm should you take notice of the sky, stars and clouds. A magazine about nature can help you more to understand the mesmeric great thing about nature.

5. Keep the relation using the almighty god

Whatever fortunes we’ve, to stay happy, the existence of gods love within our daily existence is a lot needed. King Dasaratha had everything, but because of the insufficient blessing from the god, this too through the curse of the hermit, he couldn’t be at liberty in the last moment. He’d to die because of the passion for his boy, lord sri Rama. Similarly Dritharashtra, the blind king in Mahabharatha had everything, but he’d to suffer a great deal because of the insufficient blessing of almighty god.

Srimad Bagavd Gita states:”if a person sacrifices all and understand that I(god) may be the only salvation, He will be saved”

This sacrifice, these feelings of oneness with god, this knowning that things are controlled and made the decision by him, that he’s everywhere, of any type makes a person courageous and happy. Prahlada had this belief, so nothing might make him unhappy.

To enjoy our existence we have to maintain constant touch with god, through hopes and meditation. A existence without gods benefits is wasted.

Jacob Noah